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Thrilled to be considered Best for the Community!

Flatter Me Belts Best For The World 2016

So, we've got a pretty exciting announcement today: We've been recognized as a "Best for The World" honoree for positive community impact. For a smaller business like ours? That's huge. 

The award is based on an independent assessment of more than 1,800 Certified B Corporations all over the world. We received our B Corp certification last November, and we are so, so thrilled to be among the 141 Best for The World honorees who've achieved a gold standard based on our supplier relations, diversity, involvement in our local community and a few other factors that make Flatter:Me Belts a force for good for the community.

Making belts has always been just half of our job. The other half is making Flatter:Me a contributing citizen of her local and global communities. There's always more to do, but we're really proud of creating better manufacturing jobs, championing Canada's ethical fashion movement, volunteering in our neighbourhoods, and making our products accessible to lower-income women by partnering with non-profits like Dress For Success.

Are we perfect? Aaaaabsolutely not. There are times when we realize we haven't taken a quarterly staff Community Day in six months, and other times when we have to use a new supplier whose factory we couldn't afford to visit in person. When we fix these things, there'll be others that remain imperfect. But little things add up, and our mantra is Progress, Not Perfection. When we take small steps, we make it easier for others to do the same.

The B Corp movement is a growing, worldwide effort to redefine success in business by measuring social and environmental performance. You can see the full list of our 514 fellow B Corps honoured with a 2016 Best For The World designation at

Over the next few months, we'll be keeping you apprised of cool news from some of our fellow B Corps and other businesses making an impact in their communities. It's one of a few great reasons to subscribe to our newsletter (sales events and behind-the-scenes looks into FMB's operations are two others). 

(P.S. — We're good people who don't sell, share, or otherwise abuse your email address. That would be supremely uncool.)

Coming soon: Claire in China

Certified B CorporationCore to FMB's community is a network of suppliers who create the elastic, buckles, labels, boxes, and all the other parts that make up a Flatter:Me Belts. I'm off to China this weekend to visit component factories and catch up with the tailors at our cut-and-sew studio. Follow my adventures on the Flatter:Me Belts Instagram feed and Facebook page.

Claire Theaker-Brown
Claire Theaker-Brown