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Ho, Ho, Holiday Shopping Fatigue


Hi — Claire here!

Welp, here we are, smack-dab in the middle of holiday shopping season. Black Friday’s well behind us; Christmas is still a couple of weeks out; and I have to admit that while we’re really proud to offer our products and occasional deals, this whole shop!-shop!-shop! thing leaves the minimalist in me a bit… conflicted.

I honestly never thought I’d be in the making-and-selling-of-stuff business. The world has a lot of stuff, you know? And I had stuff fatigue coming out of Industrial Design in university. But, as you know from our origin story, I also had a pants problem, and I saw a opportunity to make neat jobs in my neighbourhood. Flatter:Me Belts was born.

A few years into the business, I still stare at incoming shipments of belts with a combination of excitement and queasiness. A few thousand belts represent hundreds of hours of labour, kilometres of material, and a very real carbon footprint. But here's what else they do:

  • Help your jeans look good... for longer. Did you know one pair of jeans consumes 10,850 litres of water in its lifetime, or that the sandblasted "distressing" process poses extreme health risks for factory workers? We love our jeans, and we want them to have a looooong life cycle. We're proud when you tell us that your FMB keeps your stretched-out pairs looking fresh. It means we're reducing denim consumption, one belt at a time.
  • Help to create a community of shoppers and sellers who are, often for the first time, asking about the people behind their clothes. Our favourite conference, Canada's World Ethical Apparel Roundtable, has ballooned in size since we attended the first one in 2014. Fashion Revolution Day, which we promoted in its first year, has become an international, week-long movement, and we're going to be working hard this year to bring together Edmonton's fashion businesses to promote the #whonotwhere cause. Big change starts small, and it is truly thrilling to be part of a movement that's just now beginning to reach critical mass.
  • Create the jobs we deserve. We've told you about the women at the beginning of our supply chain — but we haven't told you much about the jobs that we, as Flatter:Me's admin team, are designing for ourselves. Upward mobility shouldn't stop when you become a mom (like me) or have to relocate with a spouse in the military (like our operations manager Kristina). We're building a business without glass ceilings.

So where does that leave Flatter:Me, and how we talk to you — without whom we wouldn’t have a business — about shopping this season? Well, there’s a lot of good we want to do in the world, and we do it by putting belts on hips. During the shopping season, we want our belts to truly solve the problem that we bet you’re facing: figuring out how to give something useful, meaningful and, for heaven’s sake, easy. After Christmas, we get to dive back into all our other jobs. We've got big goals to reach, and small belts to reach 'em with. 

Sending you every wish for a peaceful, meaningful holiday season.



Claire Theaker-Brown
Claire Theaker-Brown